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My DIY Split Keyboard Journey

2023-06-05 10 min read Other DIY Makers budimanjojo

Have you ever yearned for a typing experience that doesn’t leave your hands strained and your posture suffering? Well, I’ve been there too and it’s no fun at all. I embarked on an exhilarating and DIY-filled journey to find the holy grail of my very own split keyboard. It’s been a rollercoaster ride of inspiration, trial and error, and a whole lot of customization. This adventure has forever changed the way I type, improving not just my productivity, but also my overal well-being. Let’s dive into the captivating world of my DIY split keyboard journey.

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How I Write Kubernetes Manifests

While tools like Helm and kustomize can significantly reduce the amount of manual Kubernetes manifests writing, it’s often impossible to completely avoid it (even (kustomization.yaml file is itself a Kubernetes manifest). For instance, you may need to create a basic ingress because the chart you’re using doesn’t provide a template for it, or generate a certificate for your domain with cert-manager. In this post, I’ll describe how I leverage VSCode snippets and yaml-language-server to write Kubernetes manifests.

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Neovim Is Awesome


I was a long time Vim user, long before Neovim was born. I was sold to Neovim when CoC came out and there were some features that don’t work with Vim. At that time, Neovim was marketed as Vim but with more sane default experience. As time goes by, now Neovim is more than just Vim with better defaults. In this post, I will share my two cents on why Neovim is so much better than Vim, at least for me.

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I Moved from Wordpress to Hugo

2022-08-20 2 min read Other budimanjojo


I have finally managed to get everything in this site from Wordpress to Hugo. Everything is looking great, especially for the speed that I will never get from any CMS out there. I hesitated the move a little when people are recommending me static site generator like jekyll and Hugo. I always thought that it will be hard, manually writing the entire website using html and css codes. Turns out I was wrong all along, I haven’t touch a single html file during this process of migrating.

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How I GitOps Home Assistant Configurations

2021-11-04 4 min read Kubernetes Linux Self Hosted budimanjojo

home assistant gitops

I always love the idea of GitOps, where everything I have in a git repo represents the current state of my application. But not everything are made for GitOps, so we have to sort of “make it work”. In this post, I will show you how I manage to GitOps my Home Assistant configurations. Spoiler, this is hacky and messy at the same time, so please bear this in mind before continuing.

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