Budiman JoJo

Life Journey of My Geeky Needs.

About Me

Welcome to my personal site! I’m a technology enthusiast that love Linux and opensource. My name is Budiman and I live in Indonesia. This is the place where I will be sharing about anything, mostly tech related. I hope this site/blog can help people learning new stuffs and have fun.

This site is hosted in a Cloudflare Page with Hugo. The search box above is powered by Algolia. If you can’t find anything that means I have reached 10k requests monthly cap because I’m cheap and use the Free Plan. Comment section is powered by Giscus so I/you can read/reply comments on Github discussions too.

My current main focus is on Kubernetes and GitOps. You can find more about my Kubernetes cluster in my Github repository.

Here are the list of my personal highlight that I want you to know:

  • I use neovim as my main text editor and I use vim keybindings as much as I can in other apps.
  • I use Arch BTW I switched to NixOS in 2022 😃.
  • My current Kubernetes cluster runs on Talos Linux
  • My first program is talhelper which is a tool to GitOps Talos Linux written in Go.
  • I live in CLI most of the time, you can visit my dotfiles repo for my config files.
  • I love Classic Tetris, been watching it since the Boom Tetris for Jeff era.

I think that’s all I can say about myself.

PS: Remember to have fun!