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Tag: arm ssh raspberry pi linux server

Raspberry Pi Media Server Series #2 – Secure SSH


raspberry pi media server


This is the second part of my Raspberry Pi Media Server series. On previous post, I wrote about installing Manjaro Linux ARM into my Raspberry Pi 4. Now, we are going to secure our SSH server on Raspberry Pi so that we can at least prevent brute-force attempt on our future home media server from the evil outside world. Securing SSH server is one of the most crucial part of every server that can be accessible on the internet.

So before we begin, here’s a glance on what we are going to have by the end of this tutorial:

  • Change the default port of SSH server on the Raspberry Pi
  • Disabling password authentication to connect to Raspberry Pi
  • Only use public key and/or two factor authentication
  • Disable root login on SSH