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About Me

Welcome to my personal website! My name is Budiman and I’m a technology enthusiast that just love Linux and opensource related stuffs. I live in Indonesia. Currently married with a baby girl. This is a place where I will be sharing my knowledge about everything tech related. I hope this website will help anyone who likes learning new things.

This website is hosted entirely using WordPress on my Raspberry Pi 4. I use Afraid FreeDNS to route my dynamic public IP into my Pi. Here’s how my this small little server looks like

my raspberry pi server


Like I mentioned above, I have a Raspberry Pi 4. I use it for my media server that is served using Docker containers. Here is what I have in my Pi setup:

I also have a personal computer that I’m quite proud of. It’s been inside my bedroom since 2014 and is still serving me very well. It has quite some beastly hardware back in that time. Here’s the full list of stuffs that build my personal computer:

Notice how much gaming peripherals that I own, but I don’ really do any gaming on my computer anymore except playing Classic Tetris. Yes I do like classic tetris and watched CTWC since 2016 viral video 😀

Here’s a picture of my current computer

my computer setup


As for the software side, I’m using Manjaro Linux as my primary operating system with 3 different desktop environments (XFCE, KDE Plasma, Gnome) and a tilling window manager (i3wm). I mainly only use i3 now because I love the ability to only use keyboard and its blazing fast. You can find my i3 config on my Github repository. For terminal stuffs, I use ZSH as the default shell with zplugin. My text editor of choice is Neovim. All my dotfiles can also be accessible on my Github repository.

I also have a work computer that is running Ubuntu LTS, and a rented VPS server that is running Ubuntu server edition mainly for my work.


I think that’s all about me. I hope this site can entertain you and maybe you can learn something from my posts.
Have fun!